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"A lucid essay on the cosmos—past, present and future—accompanied by clear diagrams, computer graphics and luminous telescopic photos... conveys the excitement of scientists tackling the largest problem yet uncovered."

"Full of lavish illustrations in beautiful colour—though not of course of dark matter and dark energy—it is a first-class overview for the non-specialist, with enough meaty detail for scientists too."

"For the general reader and armchair astronomer alike, Nicolson's fascinating account shows how our ideas about the nature and the content of the universe have developed."

"Not just for college-level science collections strong in astronomy, but for the general-interest lending library catering to non-scientist readers."

"I particularly enjoyed how Nicolson explores topics that take a back seat in the mainstream media."

"Beautifully illustrated... a valuable contribution to popular scientific literature."

"For any reader interested in science, particularly cosmology and physics, Dark Side of the Universe is highly recommended."