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"The second updated edition of Dean's List: 10 Strategies for College Success is a 'must' for any new student who would excel in college, and gathers the latest thoughts of deans at top schools across the country, who share insights on what makes for a superior college experience."

"Dean’s List: 11 Habits of Highly Successful College Students should be recommended to any person who is facing college for the first time or is working with first-year college students. This book offers useful tools in decision making that enable students to have successful college career. Bader organizes the chapters of his book extremely well in order to find and explore the answers to all the questions an incoming student may have while including the all important advice from college deans."

"In Dean’s List, John Bader draws on advice from deans at leading universities—including Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, and Columbia—as well as over a decade of experience as a dean at Johns Hopkins University to present strategies designed to help new college students succeed. From "focus on learning, not grades" to "learn from diversity at home and abroad," the 10 approaches outlined in Bader’s book will aid graduating seniors, first-generation, and non-traditional students alike in having the most productive and rewarding college experience possible."

"Many books will tell you how to get an 'A' in class, but this book encourages you to do more—to explore college life, embrace new challenges, and become independent."

"Should be recommended to any person who is facing college for the first time or is working with first-year college students."

"To achieve success in college (and it is not as easy to be successful as simply knowing the habits) there is nothing better I need to say to you other than just: Get the book!"

"Focusing mainly on American high-prestige colleges and universities, this book points to factors that contribute to the success of undergraduate students. Bader, an undergraduate dean, with the assistance of colleagues from a dozen or more schools, distills key knowledge."

Dean's List
Ten Strategies for College Success
Publication Date: 25 Apr 2017
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 232 pages
ISBN: 9781421422374