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Table Of Contents

Part I: Democratic Consolidation
Chapter 1. Toward Consolidated Democracies
Chapter 2. Illusions About Consolidation
Chapter 3. O'Donnell's "Illusions": A Rejoinder
Chapter 4. Illusions and Conceptual Flaws
Chapter 5. What Is Democratic Consolidation?
Part II: The Transition Paradigm
Chapter 6. The End of the Transition Paradigm
Chapter 7. In Partial Defense of an Evanescent "Paradigm"
Chapter 8. The Democratic Path
Chapter 9. Retaining the Human Dimension
Chapter 10. Tilting at Straw Men
Chapter 11. A Reply to My Critics
Part III: Sequencing
Chapter 12. The "Sequencing" Fallacy
Chapter 13. How Democracies Emerge
Chapter 14. The Sequencing "Fallacy"
Chapter 15. Liberalism versus State-Building
Chapter 16. The Vain Hope for "Correct" Timing
Chapter 17. Misunderstanding Gradualism
Part IV: The Color Revolutions
Chapter 18. Transitions from Postcommunism
Chapter 19. Favorable Conditions and Electoral Revolutions
Chapter 20. The Real Causes of the Color Revolutions
Chapter 21. Getting Real About "Real Causes"
Chapter 22. An Interrelated Wave
Chapter 23. Popular Autocrats
Chapter 24. Necessary Distinctions
Chapter 25. What Are We Trying to Explain?
Chapter 26. A Reply to My Critics
Part V: Presidentialism
Chapter 27. The Perils of Presidentialism
Chapter 28. Comparing Democratic Systems
Chapter 29. The Centrality of Political Culture
Chapter 30. The Virtues of Parliamentarism
Chapter 31. Variations on a Theme