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"Debunked! is short and highly readable. It tells good stories about human foolishness masquerading as science. It offers useful assistance to citizens trying to tell the difference between sense and nonsense... Charpak and Broch have done a fine job, sweeping out the money-changers from the temple of science and exposing their tricks. I recommend this book to believers and skeptics alike. It is good entertainment, whether or not you believe in astrology."

"Just as James Bond needed his Q to survive his enemies, so every working scientist needs this slim volume. At some time, I am sure, everyone will have found themselves in a sticky situation in which they are trapped at a party by a boring individual endlessly droning on about astrology, telekinesis or some other form of pseudoscientific gobbledegook. Like the gadgets produced by 007's personal boffin, this book provides a means of escape. It offers a simple scientific explanation for a wide range of supposedly paranormal phenomenon. Some are shown up as mere conjuring tricks, while beliefs such as astrology can be readily demolished by anyone with a passing knowledge of probability theory, let alone astronomy. The book arms the reader with arguments that can be tossed into some future conversation, quelling such disciples of irrationality while you make for the door."

"Written in a jaunty tone, this excursion upon the seas of superstitious belief is a light, amusing voyage... Looking at the psychic power enabling one to levitate, walk safely across red-hot coals, or make astounding predictions, the authors point out how physics or simple probability explain things more convincingly than do amazing brain waves. Exposing the gullibility charlatans rely on, the authors' sardonic spirit will amuse readers even as it inducts them into the scientific mode of thought."

"Delightful... [Charpak and Broch] show how the application of probability theory to such events is enlightening."

"We have here a new book by two eminent scientists—three if you count the translator—that emphatically debunkes ESP, telekinesis, telepathy, dowsing and numerous other similar magic stunts."

"The authors' reasoning, which includes all kinds of theoretical subtleties ('nutations,' 'precession of the equinoxes'), is quite beautiful."

"Entertaining and amusing."

"Charpak and Broch use their academic training to examine the logic and rationality of each case they dissect. I'm pleased to see the excellent book they've written... To become properly informed about a wide spectrum of paranormal and supernatural claims, one needs to be primed on the difference between real science and pseudoscience."

"One of those books I wish I'd written."

"I enjoyed reading this book... and was particularly interested to learn about purportedly paranormal events that have not been covered elsewhere."

"This book's motto might have been taken from Goya: 'The sleep of reason produces monsters.' The authors have a serious agenda—a critique of belief in the paranormal and the supernatural, and the irrational behavior of those who are taken in by such beliefs—but address it with a light and good-humored touch. The book provides entertaining and amusing reading while bringing about an understanding of how the simple application of probability theory and science explains 'amazing' coincidences and abilities."

ESP, Telekinesis, and Other Pseudoscience
Publication Date: 29 Apr 2004
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 8.375"
Page Count: 168 pages
Illustrations: 15 halftones, 20 line drawings
ISBN: 9780801878671
Subjects: Physics, Science