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Table Of Contents

Kate Hext and Alex Murray
1. Dainty Malice: Ada Leverson and Post-Victorian Decadent Feminism
Kristin Mahoney
2. The Ugly Things of Salome
Ellen Crowell
3. Decadent Paths and Percolations after 1895
Nick Freeman
4. "A Poetess of No Mean Order": Margaret Sackville, Women's Poetry, and the Legacy of Aestheticism
Joseph Bristow
5. The Queer Drift of Firbank
Ellis Hanson
6. Burning the Candle at Both Ends: Edna St. Vincent Millay's Decadence
Sarah Parker
7. Woolf and Joyce, Barnes and Beckett: The Legacy of Decadence in Major Modernist Novels
Vincent Sherry
8. "The Woodland Whose Depths and Whose Heights Were Pan's": Swinburne and Lawrence, Decadence and Modernism
Howard J. Booth
9. The Naughtiness of the Avant-Garde: Donald Evans, Claire Marie, and Tender Buttons
Douglas Mao
10. The Queerness of Being 1890 in 1922: Carl Van Vechten and the New Decadence
Kirsten MacLeod
11. A Decadent Dream Deferred: Bruce Nugent and the Harlem Renaissance's Queer Modernity
Michèle Mendelssohn