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"Deep Gossip is as beautiful and true, and alive with love, as life itself. The magnificence of Sidney Wade's vision is unmatched in American poetry. Wade gives us poems deeply sensual and smart, brilliantly formed to perfection—poems of cities and prairies, mountains, lakes, and the sea; poems in places of utmost tenderness and intimacy; poems that grapple with the evil in the body politic; poems of nature's inhabitants, engraved on the physics of the soul. Deep Gossip is a gift of a great and splendid heart from one of our most extraordinary poets."

"Reading Deep Gossip, one realizes Sidney Wade, inquisitive, witty, at times dazzlingly rapturous, has long paid attention to every warren and den, to persevering landscapes, to ecological wonders, to nature's creaturely inhabitants, most especially to shifting, if not frustrating, political realities. Always scrupulous with her language, she privileges the rich province of the lyric with sonic verve, practicing a freedom and discipline attenuated and faithful to intimacies of thought."

"Deep Gossip begins with Sidney Wade's newest work, spare, elegant poems in which every line is laden with meaning and music. Her microscopic eye peers into the natural world of bees, pollen, moths, and birds, birds, birds. This is a book suffused with light—dappled, blazing, luminosity and its shadow. She seems to be saying that we must look closely at the earth, and she is a transcendent guide to all we could lose."

"With short lines and sly, syncopated rhymes, Wade's nature poems contain bliss and terror all at once, as when a vole plays in "fluid light / that screens the cryptic cat." "