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"Dementia and Aging will become a standard introduction to what Lewis Thomas called 'the disease of the century'... Gerontologists will benefit from reading [this] collection [dealing] with a multifaceted problem from diverse perspectives."

"The diversity of thought and opinions represented in this book is its major strength. the contributing authors are..acknowledged experts in their respective fields; the chapters are well written and edited. Each section provides insights into an important aspect of Alzheimer disease.. Opposing views on euthanasia and alternative proposals for health care reform are fairly presented. the reader is left with a better understanding of the complex and evolving nature of decision-making required in the care of patients with Alzheimer disease."

"As we progress toward the twentieth century, we do so knowing that the growing elderly population will pose new challenges and obstacles for aging-related professions. Dementia and Aging provides experts within the medical, social, and legal professions, as well as caregivers, with thought-provoking and useful information."