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Table Of Contents

List of Contributors
Chapter 1. The Challenges of Dementia
Part I: Biomedical, Experiential, and Caregiving Perspectives
Chapter 2. Dementia: The Medical Perspective
Chapter 3. The Experience of Being Demented
Chapter 4. Seeing and Knowing Dementia
Chapter 5. Human Dignity, Dementia, and the Moral Basis of Caregiving
Part II: Treatment Decisions, Advance Directives, and Euthanasia
Chapter 6. Autonomy Revisited: The Limits of Anticipatory Choices
Chapter 7. A Critical View of Ethical Dilemmas in Dementia
Chapter 8. Mercy Killing of Elderly People with Dementia: A Counterproposal
Chapter 9. Euthanasia in Alzheimer's Disease?
Part III: Caring For People With Dementia: Justice and Public Policy
Chapter 10. Dementia and Appropriate Care: Allocating Scarce Resources
Chapter 11. The Politics of Developing Appropriate Care for Dementia
Chapter 12. Alzheimer's Disease: Current Policy Initiatives