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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Undertheorized Political Problems in the Founding Democratization Literature
Part I: Managing Potential Cultural Conflicts Democratically
Chapter 1. Civil Society, Islam, and Ethnocommunal Conflict
Chapter 2. Debating Secession Peacefully and Democratically: The Case of Canada
Part II: Toward Creating and Controlling Democratically Usable Security Services
Chapter 3. The New "Double Challenge": Democratic Control and Efficacy of Military, Police, and Intelligence
Chapter 4. Beyond Threats to Democracy from the Armed Forces, Police, and Intelligence: The Spanish Case
Part III: Refining Presidentialism and Semi-Presidentialism
Chapter 5. Latin America's Interrupted Presidencies: Alternatives?
Chapter 6. The Predicament of Semi-presidentialism
Conclusion: The Way Forward
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