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"A very sophisticated piece of work. Cook provides a fresh look at Wilson's ideas and reinforces the notion that the history of ideas does matter. He demonstrates a deep understanding of Wilson's ideas and is adept at applying such ideas to public management theory. An original and substantial contribution to the fields of public management, public administration, and public policy."

"Woodrow Wilson brought well-considered theories about political leadership in American government to the presidency. He was an unusual president in this respect. Brian Cook has written an incisive analysis of Wilson's theories and practice in a way that not only tells us much about Wilson but also illuminates perennial issues of presidential leadership."

"Here, Cook demonstrates Wilson's significance to the most current issues in the theory and practice of public administration, and recently developing topics such as 'new public management' and 'governance.' He contends that, while some authors have described recent developments as reactions against Wilson's outdated ideas, Wilson actually posed more fundamental questions that these authors need more carefully to address. A genuinely significant contribution and important reading for all scholars in public administration and related fields and for thoughtful practitioners."

"Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through practitioners."