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"A groundbreaking chronicle... Highly recommended for both public and college library collections."

"Fallon’s work presents an insightful distillation of a large and important set of events and issues. I am impressed with the stages she proposes as critical turning points in the evolution of the women’s movement in Sub-Saharan Africa and specific evidence she provides to describe those periods and their transitions."

"All scholars of social movements and comparative politics, and in particular by specialists in African studies and gender and politics, should read Fallon’s book. It is a model of the power of a well-grounded case study that pushes scholarship toward broader implications."

"Fallon makes an important contribution to understanding democratization and the experiences of sub-Saharan African women’s movements. This work will undoubtedly spur discussion among scholars of women and democratization, and future comparative studies of women’s mobilization in sub-Saharan Africa will build on this solid foundation."

"Democracy and the Rise of Women’s Movements in Sub-Saharan Africa deepens our understanding of the African women’s activism that coincided with democratization across the continent in the 1990s and 2000s."

"An important contribution to the literature [that] should be included in college and university libraries."

"An engaging and thought-provoking read and a welcome contribution to our thinking about women's emerging political roles and opportunities."

"A well written, important contribution to the growing literature on women, gender, and democracy, as well as to African studies."