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Table Of Contents

Part I: What is Democracy?
1. What Democracy Is...And Is Not
2. What Makes Elections Free and Fair?
3. Delegative Democracy
4. How Far Can Free Government Travel?
5. From Liberalism to Liberal Democracy
Part II: What Sustains Democracy?
6. Three Paradoxes of Democracy
7. What Makes Democracies Endure?
8. Bowling Alone: America's Declining Social Capital
9. Religion, Democracy, and the "Twin Tolerations"
Part III: What Institutions Work Best?
10. Constitutional Design for Divided Societies
11. Federalism and Democracy: Beyong the U.S. Model
12. The Import of Institutions
13. Constitutional Courts: A Primer for Decision Makers
14. Stronger Legislatures, Stronger Democracies
15. Constitutional Medicine
Part IV: Elections Without Democracy?
16. Thinking About Hybrid Regimes
17. The Rise of Competitive Authoritarianism
18. The Menu of Manipulation
19. Africa's Range of Regimes
20. International Linkage and Democratization
Part V: Is Democacy a Universal Value?
21. Democracy as a Univeral Value
22. Democracy and Liberty: The Cultural Connection
23. Confucianism and Democracy
24. Buddhism, Asian Values, and Democracy
25. Muslims and Democracy
27. The Rise of "Muslim Democracy"