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Part I: Setting the Theoretical Context
Chapter 1. American Political Development as a Process of Democratization
Chapter 2. Two Comparative Democratization Perspectives: "Brown Areas" and "Immanence"
Chapter 3. Two-Tier Citizenship: The Unresolved Challenge of Puerto Rico's Electoral Exclusion
Chapter 4. Same Dream, Different Fates: Latinos' Inclusion/Exclusion and U.S. Democratization
Part II: Constitutionalism and Democratization
Chapter 5. Gender and Democracy in the American Constitutional Order
Chapter 6. The Reversal of Black Voting Rights after Reconstruction
Chapter 7. Deliberation, Incivility, and Race in Electoral Campaigns
Part III: Federal Institutions, Race, and Democratic Reform
Chapter 8. Democratizing Authority: The Multiple Motives behind Black Police Appointments in the Twentieth-Century United States
Chapter 9. Civil Rights and the Democratization Trap: The Public-Private Nexus and the Building of American Democracy
Part IV: New Agendas
Chapter 10. The Development of Democratic Citizenship: Toward a New Research Agenda
Chapter 11. American Political Development and Comparative Democratization
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Democratization in America
A Comparative-Historical Analysis
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