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Table Of Contents

Part I: Thematic Essays
Chapter 1. The Languages of the Arab Revolutions
Chapter 2. The Transformation of the Arab World
Chapter 3. Arab Democracy or Islamist Revolution?
Chapter 4. There Will Be No Islamist Revolution
Chapter 5. Islamists and Democracy: Cautions from Pakistan
Chapter 6. New Findings on Arabs and Democracy
Chapter 7. The Split in Arab Culture
Chapter 8. Democratization Theory and the "Arab Spring"
Chapter 9. Transforming the Arab World's Protection-Racket Politics
Chapter 10. Resilient Royals: How Arab Monarchies Hang On
Chapter 11. Why the Modest Harvest?
Chapter 12. The Global Context
Chapter 13. The Lessons of 1989
Chapter 14. The Role of the Military
Chapter 15. The Impact of Election Systems
Chapter 16. The Role of Digital Media
Part II: Country Studies
Chapter 17. Ben Ali's Fall
Chapter 18. Tunisia's Transition and the "Twin Tolerations"
Chapter 19. The Road to (and from) Liberation Square
Chapter 20. Egypt: Why Liberalism Still Matters
Chapter 21. Egypt's Failed Transition
Chapter 22. Yemen Changes Everything... and Nothing
Chapter 23. Libya Starts from Scratch
Chapter 24. Syria and the Future of Authoritarianism
Chapter 25. Bahrain's Decade of Discontent
Chapter 26. Algeria versus the Arab Spring
Chapter 27. Morocco: Outfoxing the Opposition
Chapter 28. Jordan: The Ruse of Reform
Chapter 29. Is Saudi Arabia Immune?