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Table Of Contents

Part I: Entrance
1. Lives of Quiet Desperation
2. The Varieties of Depressive Experience
3. Abnormal Happiness
4. The Age of Prozac
5. The Unknown Hippocrates
Part II: Pretenders
6. Postmodernism Debunked
7. Pharmageddon?
8. Creating Major Depressive Disorder
9. The DSM Wars
Part III: Guides
10. Viktor Frankl: Learning to Suffer
11. Rollo May and Elvin Semrad: I Am, We Are
12. Leston Havens: Holding Opposed Ideas at Once
13. Paul Roazen: Being Honest about the Past
14. Karl Jaspers: Keeping Faith
Part IV: Exit
15. The Banality of Normality
16. Two O'clock in the Morning
Appendix: Listening to Despair: An Interview by Leston Havens