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"This is the product of a multi-year effort at mutual enlightenment and interdisciplinary analysis, not merely a compilation of individually written papers. It should become the leading volume on human genetic modification."

"An original and important contribution to the bioethics, genetics, and public policy literature by an impressive group of scholars from across the disciplines."

"With so much heat and little light often shed on the debates around developments in human genetic engineering, this collection of 20 essays is much overdue, and tremendously informative."

"Essential reading for any serious student of either germline gene therapy, or, as the authors have chosen to expand the category, 'inheritable genetic modification' (IGM)."

"The text provides an up-to-date critical analysis of the possible impact of future developments in inheritable genetic modification... The book provides perspectives from a wide range of academic disciplines—scientific, sociological, philosophical, theological, law and policy... It is both informative and very scholarly, recommended as a text for professionals in bioethics, genetics policy and a valuable source book for research."

Designing Our Descendants
The Promises and Perils of Genetic Modifications
Publication Date: 1 Dec 2004
Status: Available
Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 384 pages
ISBN: 9780801881299