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"One can say many things about crime fiction, and throughout this thoughtful, well-crafted piece of literary history, Lee succeeds in telling the story straight."

"For detective fiction fans, this will prove an entertaining and informative trip through American history alongside their favorite gumshoes."

"A revealing critique of a pop culture icon and required reading for mystery buffs."

"Detectives in the Shadows is a feisty alternative view of American history as seen through the lens of hard-boiled detective fiction. Lee tails everyone from Race Williams and Hammett's Continental Op to Harry Bosch and Netflix's Jessica Jones, following the clues where they lead. Smart, brave, determined, neither tarnished nor afraid, and always fascinating. A must-read."

"Cinch the belt on your trench coat, order a shot neat, and light up a smoke. Whether you're an academic or a noir fiction fan, there's something for everyone in Susanna Lee's book about the origins of the uniquely American hardboiled detective. From the Jazz Age to the present, Lee highlights how the private eye embodies American readers' desire for characters they'd want in their corner during hard or confusing times. Detectives in the Shadows is one of those books that is both enjoyable and educational. Bottoms up!"

"A meticulous, engaging, and can't-miss history and analysis of the private eye genre and how it has evolved from the early days of Philip Marlowe to TV series like Jessica Jones. Lee explores every important aspect of the 'tainted knight' trope and its many offshoots to create an essential tome that's perfect for casual or hardcore fans of private eye fiction."

"Susanna Lee offers a hard-bitten, clear-eyed, critical, and affectionate take on that most particular incarnation of the hawkshaw."