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"In Dinosaurs of the Air, Greg Paul provides us with original and innovative ideas, fine analysis, beautiful illustrations, and an important contribution to the literature of paleontology. It takes an innovative direction, suggesting that many groups of birdlike dinosaurs are the flightless descendants of animals that we would normally consider birds. It thus has the potential to become a true classic."

"In Dinosaurs of the Air, [Paul] boldly discusses the idea that familiar Cretaceous dinosaurs such as Velociraptor and Oviraptor may have had flying ancestors. While many will disagree with Paul's conclusions, his artistic skill and original thinking will make them hard to ignore."

"Paul has succeeded in producing a beautiful book that will be an invaluable reference for those interested in avian origins for many years to come."

"If you want to dig seriously into one of today's most fascinating evolutionary debates, and aren't afraid of anatomy, you'll delight in Dinosaurs of the Air."