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Table Of Contents


PART I : Getting Started
Chapter 1: A History
Chapter 2: The Science of Bird Origins

PART II: Skeletons, Bones and Other Remains of the Mesozoic
Chapter 3: Skulls
Chapter 4: Skeletons
Chapter 5: Feathers and Other Fluff

PART III: Flight: How and Why it Evolves, Why it is Lost, and How to Tell When
Chapter 6: The Beginnings of Flight: From the Ground Up, or the Trees Down?
Chapter 7: The Early Evolution of Flight
Chapter 8: The Loss of Flight

PART IV: The Archaeopteryx problem
Chapter 9: Lifestyle for the Urvogel

PART V: Who Is Related to Whom, and Why?
Chapter 10: Looking for the True Bird Ancestor
Chapter 11: Were Some Dinosaurs Neoflightless Birds?
Chapter 12: A Look at the Phylogenetics of Predatory Dinosaurs

PART VI: A Modest Scenario
Chapter 13: The Mesozoic
Chapter 14: The Great Extinction
Chapter 15: The Cenozoic