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"A. J. Angulo has produced our first history of the industry, which has a more complex and varied past than any of us imagined. No matter what you think about for-profit colleges and universities, you'll surely profit by reading this pathbreaking book."

"In this timely and engaging book, A. J. Angulo provides a devastating critique of for-profit colleges and universities, the fastest growing sector of American higher education. He shows that the pursuit of a high return on capital spurs these institutions to invest in marketing more than learning and to target students with the highest educational need and the lowest financial resources."

"Diploma Mills brings the complex story of for-profit colleges directly into the mainstream of the history of American higher education where it belongs."

"For-profits have been embraced by those that should question them, and Angulo urges us to think about issues of class and race and how for-profits capitalize and manipulate these forces. This book is essential reading."