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"Entomologists, systematists, limnologists, ecologists, and others with an interest in aquatic systems or insect diversity will find these extensively illustrated keys and taxon accounts immensely helpful... Diving beetles are fast becoming important models for aquatic ecology, world biogeography, population ecology, and animal sexual evolution and, with this book, the diversity of the group is finally accessible."

"All illustrations are excellent and informative. Every genus account covers diagnostic characteristics, size range, classification, species diversity, a review of known natural history, and distributions portrayed via range maps. The breadth and depth of coverage is extraordinary given the constraints of a succinct template."

"This is a beautifully produced book, well-illustrated with colour photographs of the beetles 5 and their habitats, excellent line drawings of morphological features and maps showing the distribution of all the genera."

"This text provides the first in-depth treatment of predaceous diving beetles (family Dytiscidae) in well over 100 years. As such, it is an invaluable addition to entomology literature. Recommended."

"Within less than six months after its publication, this book has already become a classic on the topic... As far as we are concerned, this is the ultimate accolade for a book of this kind."

"Genus-by-genus descriptions, maps and beautiful habitus photographs make for a more interesting book than any amount of DNA analysis!"

"... this is an excellent, well-thought-out production, on quality paper, and the two-column text makes it easy on the eye to read."