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"An interesting and practical book that succeeds in educating and empowering patients. The authors do an admirable job of helping people with dizziness, vertigo, and balance disorders by explaining and highlighting key clinical, diagnostic, and therapeutic elements."

"Using simple language, this book describes the underlying pathology, available treatments, and practical approaches for the common conditions causing dizziness. Drs. Whitman and Baloh help readers seeking medical advice understand the complicated nature of dizziness while debunking widespread misconceptions about it."

"This would be a brilliant read for medical students and primary care physicians. The simplified, common-sense approach, I found, made it compulsive reading, in a subject where that is the exception... It is [an] excellent value indeed."

"[A] comprehensive new book."

"The two doctors simplify explanations of these matters, creating a survey that is packed with insights and information."

"This book is practical and useful. Easy to read and understand without being patronising."