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"Riveting... Readers who love a good debunking will find Deer's narrative logical, exciting, and enraging."

"Seldom has any new book been more timely than The Doctor Who Fooled the World At times the book reads more like a thriller than a journalistic investigation"

"At a time when the World Health Organization lists 'vaccine hesitancy' as one of the top ten threats to global health, this stunning work sounds an urgent message and demonstrates the essential role of investigative journalism in uncovering the truth."

"Exposing researchers who lie, cheat and fake their data often requires the work of courageous whistleblowers or tenacious investigative journalists. Enter Brian Deer, an award-winning reporter for the Sunday Times of London"

"Although many people think they know this now-infamous story, it is likely they are unaware of all its dramatic details. Curious lay readers and vaccine experts alike are sure to learn something worthwhile from Deer's well-chronicled account."

"Mind-boggling... Every chapter drops your jaw."

"Riveting... a compelling portrait of hubris and the terrible dark shadow it can cast."

"Written with the meticulousness of a journalist determined to find out the truth and the pulse-pounding pacing of a thriller, The Doctor Who Fooled the World is a profoundly important book."

"Deer's book is a compelling reminder of what great investigative journalism looks like."

"A magnificent book. Too few people know how greed and deceit conspired to create the myth that vaccines cause autism. Only Brian Deer can tell that whole story, because he uncovered all of its chilling twists and turns."

"As a pediatrician, I've witnessed with fury the impact that Andrew Wakefield's fraudulent science has had on the health of children. This brilliantly written book is a must read."

"An extraordinary story of medical fraud and scaremongering, told by the courageous and tenacious journalist who revealed the truth."

"Riveting from start to finish. Thankfully, reporters like Brian Deer exist. He is not afraid to look into the eyes of the Grim Reaper and to fight back on behalf of all of us for whom scientific rigour is so important, but also perhaps more importantly, for the families whose lives have so often been devastated by misinformation and bad science."

"Evocative... an incredible story."