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"Katherine Binhammer's project—to enrich eighteenth-century studies by attending to post-2008 new critical finance—is timely and interesting. It's sophisticated, interdisciplinary, clearly written, thoroughly researched, and alert to its arguments' contemporary relevance."

"A well-written and lively contribution to the history of the English novel that offers a clear map for reading the relationship between eighteenth-century sentimental fiction and contemporaneous economic crises. Binhammer's ability to keep narrative fiction's literariness in view as the basis for a deeper understanding of our own intuitions today—about instruments like retirement plans and mortgages—is what makes this book different from many others on similar topics."

"Katherine Binhammer invites us to read eighteenth-century novels as a way of returning capital to its fundamental fictionality, expertly guiding us to imagine departures from wealth as something other than loss."

"Katherine Binhammer brings both critical sophistication and extraordinary readerly attention to demonstrate how the form of the eighteenth-century sentimental novel reveals a wholly different side of early modern economic relations than capitalism's default narrative of progress. We are all in her debt."

"Katherine Binhammer's Downward Mobility offers an impressive revisionist reading of the sentimental novel's fictions of financial distress. Binhammer's exciting and bitingly critical view of the history of capitalism provides a powerful context for her examination of narratives of feeling, obligation, and trust, addressed through a wide range of sentimental novels."

"Pivoting gracefully between eighteenth-century ideas and those of our present, Downward Mobility richly revises sundry intertwinings of the history of the novel and the history of financial capitalism toward far more precise formal and conceptual links. Binhammer's readings reveal how the constant threat of loss and debt become surprisingly generative for fictional forms, and underscore in turn how fiction contributes directly to the critical study of finance and the judgement of social values; literary critics and cultural historians from many fields will find strong connective tissue this engagingly written and impressively researched book."

Downward Mobility
The Form of Capital and the Sentimental Novel
Publication Date: 28 Apr 2020
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 256 pages
Illustrations: 5 b&w photos
ISBN: 9781421437613