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Table Of Contents


Table of Contents



Introduction. The Unrecovered Country: Draining the Land, Building the State

Part I: Popular Politics, Crown Authority, and the Rise of the Projector

Chapter 1: Land and Life in the Pre-Drainage Fens

Chapter 2: State Building in the Fens, 1570-1607

Chapter 3: The Crisis of Local Governance, 1609-1616

Chapter 4: The Struggle to Forge Consensus, 1617-1621

Part II: Drainage Projects, Violent Resistance, and State Building

Chapter 5: Draining the Hatfield Level, 1625-1636

Chapter 6: The First Great Level Drainage, 1630-1642

Chapter 7: Riot, Civil War, and Popular Politics in the Hatfield Level, 1640-1656

Chapter 8: The Second Great Level drainage, 1649-1656

Epilogue. The Once and Future Fens: Unintended Consequences in an Artificial Landscape