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"Allan Horwitz—the recognized authority on the DSM—is both balanced and fair minded. There is nothing else like this book."

"DSM: A History of Psychiatry's Bible is the first comprehensive account of American psychiatry's growing obsession with diagnosis, and the massive flaws that have undermined this project. Horwitz's book is a remarkable achievement, a richly detailed account of the blind alley psychiatrists have wandered down and of the crisis that now confronts the profession."

"In this ironically-titled book, Horwitz, one of the leading social scientists of psychiatry, recounts how the DSM has led psychiatry not into a promised land but a wasteland. Horwitz tells this dramatic, epochal story at a good clip, on the basis of original research, and with a firm understanding that it is a story about society, not about 'medicine.'"

"Meticulous and incisive, this book charts the standardization of American psychiatric diagnoses since 1952. It details how a thin, spiral-bound volume first known as Medical 203 grew into a massive tome currently diagnosing 541 psychiatric conditions and selling millions of copies worldwide. For Horwitz, an excellent guide to its many quirks and revisions, 'the constantly changing nature of the DSM is its most interesting feature.'"