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"Analytically sophisticated and heavily documented with an extensive bibliography. It belongs in all college and university libraries... Highly recommended."

"Highly original academic work."

"González's book is a serious attempt to understand the complex processes of political and economic change in Chile and Mexico. It is worth reading, and opens up an important debate about authoritarian rule and its pernicious consequences."

"A valuable study of an important but quite neglected topic: the various political and economic dynamics of authoritarian regimes and their consequences for subsequent transition to democracy. It will interest students of these broader issues, not only of Chile and Mexico."

"This is a valuable addition to the comparative democratization literature. It makes important contributions in three areas: analytical, methodological, and empirical. The non-reductionist treatment of processes of 'dual transition' is a real improvement on earlier mechanistic ideas of 'sequencing.' The 'paired comparison' of Chile and Mexico shows how macro-historical work can be made more social scientific. And the case studies are important in their own right."

Dual Transitions from Authoritarian Rule
Institutionalized Regimes in Chile and Mexico, 1970–2000
Publication Date: 21 Apr 2008
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 304 pages
Illustrations: 4 line drawings
ISBN: 9780801888007