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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Dual Transitions from Authoritarian Rule
Part I: The 1970s: Divergent Politicoeconomic Trajectories
1. Chile, 1970–1982
2. Mexico, 1970–1982
Part II: The 1980s: Surviving the Crisis Years and Convergence of Trajectories
3. Chile's Decisive Decade, 1982–1990
4. Mexico's Lost Decade, 1982–1988
Part III: The 1990s: Versions of Electoral Democracy and Free Market Economies
5. The New Chile, 1990–2000
6. Mexico in North America, 1988–2000
Conclusion: Dual Transitions in Chile, Mexico, and Beyond

Dual Transitions from Authoritarian Rule
Institutionalized Regimes in Chile and Mexico, 1970–2000
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