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"This is an extremely interesting book in that it provides the reader with a different perspective on the automobile age and what it meant to women as well as society as a whole... A must-have book for anyone interested in women's history. The photographs of various women traveling or involved in mechanical work are a great addition as well. It is a fascinating look at the way that cars freed many women and started us on the path to greater 'mechanical' equality with men."

"Georgine Clarsen has produced a fascinating account of women motorists in the first three decades of the automobile age. Her crisp and elegant prose takes the reader on a speedy trip over a wide range of terrain, indicating the importance of the car in the cultural politics of the early 20th century."

"Presents an excellent case study of the ways in which new technologies take on gendered meanings in the process of their social integration... Highly readable book."

"For anyone wanting to fully understand early automotive history, this book is a necessary read."

"This study holds great value, helping readers to appreciate the rich history of women's involvement in things mechanical."

"Eat My Dust stands as an impressive account of women's engagement with numerous aspects of automobile culture and thus with the ways that technology shapes and is shaped by concerns of gender, race, and the body."