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Table Of Contents


1. Introduction and History
J. Whitfield Gibbons

Part I. Biology and Ecology
2. Capture, Measurement, and Field Techniques
Willem M. Roosenburg and Russell L. Burke

3. Evolutionary History and Paleontological Record
Dana J. Ehret and Benjamin K. Atkinson

4. Taxonomy: A History of Controversy and Uncertainty
Jeffrey E. Lovich and Kristen M. Hart

5. Molecular Ecology and Phylogeography
Paul E. Converse and Shawn R. Kuchta

6. Life History with Emphasis on Geographic Variation
Jeffrey E. Lovich, J. Whitfield Gibbons, and Kathryn M. Greene

7. Reproductive Behavior and Ecology
Joseph A. Butler, Russell L. Burke, and Willem M. Roosenburg

8. Hatchling Behavior and Overwintering
Patrick J. Baker, Ralph E. J. Boerner, and Roger C. Wood

9. Osmoregulation
Leigh Anne Harden and Amanda Southwood Williard

10. Temperature-Dependent Sex Determination
Thane Wibbels, Taylor Roberge, and Allen R. Place

11. Foraging Ecology and Habitat Choice
Anton D. Tucker, Russell L. Burke, and Diane C. Tulipani

12. Environmental Toxicology
Dawn K. Holliday, Rusty D. Day, and David Owens

Part II. Fisheries and Conservation Challenges
13. History of Commercial Fisheries and Artificial Propagation
Victor S. Kennedy

14. Conservation in Terrestrial Habitats: Mitigating Habitat Loss, Road Mortality, and Subsidized Predators
John C. Maerz, Richard A. Seigel, and Brian A. Crawford

15. Interactions with Motorboats
Lori A. Lester, Harold W. Avery, Andrew S. Harrison, and Edward A. Standora

16. Bycatch in Blue Crab Fisheries
Randolph M. Chambers and John C. Maerz

17. Conservation through Environmental Education
George L. Heinrich, Timothy J. Walsh, and Will Williams

18. Habitat Restoration and Head-starting
Willem M. Roosenburg

19. The Future for Diamond-backed Terrapins
Joseph A. Butler and Willem M. Roosenburg