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Table Of Contents

List of Contributors
Foreword, by Carlos Morel
Preface and Acknowledgments

Introduction: How to Use This Book
The Target Audience
Multiple Ways to Use the Chapters
Electronic References and Information Literacy
The Format of Suggested Study Projects

1 Information on Issues of Global Change, by Erika G. Feulner
2 Epidemiological Study Designs, by Alfred A. Buck and Joan L. Aron
3 Geographical Information Sysytems, by Joan L. Aron and Gregory E. Glass
4 The Science/Policy Interface, by Jonathan M. Samet
5 Integrated Assessment, Joan L. Aron, J. Hugh Ellis, and Benjamin F. Hobbs

6 Human Populations in the Shared Environment, by Dennis C. Pirages, Paul J. Runci, and Robert H. Sprinkle
7 The Changing Chemistry of Earth's Atmosphere, by Steven A. Lloyd
8 An Earth Science Perspective on Global Change, by George W. Fisher
9 Water Resources Management, by Nicolaas J. P. M. de Groot
10 Ecology and Infectious Disease, by Mark L. Wilson

11 Cholera and Global Ecosystems, by Anwar Huq, R. Bradley Sack, and Rita R. Colwell
12 Malaria and Global Ecosystem Change, by Joan L. Aron, Clive J. Shiff, and Alfred J. Buck
13 Global Climate Change and Air Pollution: Interactions and Their Effects on Human Health, by Jonathan A. Patz and John M. Balbus
14 Too Little, Too Much: How the Quantity of Water Affetcs Human Health, by Les Roberts, Ulisses E.C. Confalonieri, and Joan L. Aron

A Stimulating Inquiry: Textbooks and Information Literacy in the Internet Environment, by Erika G. Feulner
B The Resource Center, compiled by Erika G. Feulner
List of Abbreviations
Glossary, by Joan L. Aron and Mark L. Wilson

Ecosystem Change and Public Health
A Global Perspective
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