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Table Of Contents

Part One: Autumn of Proyectismo
1. Continuity and Crisis, 1789–1797
2. War and the Colonies: Aranda and Godoy
3. The Late Proyectistas
Part Two: Fissioning of New Spain
4. Reorganizing New Spain's External Trade: The Effects of Comercio Libre, 1789–1796
5. A Hegemony Threatened: Mexico City and Veracruz
6. Mining and Its Fissures
7. Export Agriculture: Growth and Conflict
8. Comercio Neutro / Comercio Directo
9. "Informal" Comercio Neutro, 1804–1808
Part Three: Financing Empire
10. Consolidación: Spain
11. Consolidación: New Spain
12. Strange Saga: The Transfer of New Spain's Silver, 1804–1808
Part Four: Toward the Second War of Succession
13. "Treasures in the New World"
14. "La tempestad que nos amenazaba"
15. The National Drama, Act I: Conspiracy at the Escorial
By Way of Conclusion

Edge of Crisis
War and Trade in the Spanish Atlantic, 1789–1808
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