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"Backscheider... writes with an ease and clarity that make this book fully accessible."

"Passionate and wide-ranging study."

"Wise and preeminently useful... A courageous book. "

"Our sense of eighteenth-century poetic territory is immeasurably expanded by the new work of Backscheider... Besides an excellent historical and cultural introduction on the landscape of poetry production in the eighteenth century,... each chapter offers fine-grained close readings of often fully quoted poems (many of which are still not readily available in print) along with biographical and formal contexts."

"For specialists of eighteenth-century literature in English, this is a must-read book."

"This book paves the way for further work and is itself a valuable contribution to exciting nascent debates."

"Brilliantly introduces issues, opportunities, and new directions, that open up vistas into a vital world of complex personalities, engaging social practices, and inspiring artistic achievements."

"One of the best and most significant books on eighteenth-century poetry to appear in recent years."

"An ambitious and pioneering work of archeological excavation, one that will establish a foundation for the future study of eighteenth-century women poets and their poetry. A major contribution."