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Table Of Contents

Translator's Preface
Prologue: The Immortal: Einstein's Secret
1. His Second Birth: The Fateful Year 1919
2. How Albert Became Einstein: The Psychological Makeup of a Genius
3. "A New Era!": From Industrialist's Son to Inventor
4. Of Dwarfs and Giants: A Brief History of Science, According to Einstein
5. The Burden of Inheritance: Einstein Detectives in Action
6. "Elsa or Ilse": The Physicist and the Women
7. The Miraculous Path to the Miraculous Year: Einstein's Angels
8. Squaring the Light: Why Einstein Had to Discover the Theory of Relativity
9. Why Is the Sky Blue? Einstein—A Career
10. "Dear Boys... Your Papa": The Drama of the Brilliant Father
11. Anatomy of a Discovery: How Einstein Found the General Theory of Relativity
12. Lambda Lives: Einstein, "Chief Engineer of the Universe"
13. Spacetime Quakes: The Theory of Relativity Put to the Test
14. His Best Foe: Einstein, Germany, and Politics
15. "I Am Not a Tiger": Einstein, the Human Side
16. A Jew Named Albert: His God Was a Principle
17. The End Justifies the Doubts: Einstein and Quantum Theory
18. Of the Magnitude of Failure: The Quest for the Unified Theory
19. From Barbaria to Dollaria: Einstein's America
20. "People Are a Bad Invention": Einstein, the Atomic Bomb, McCarthy, and the End