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Table Of Contents


I. Electorial Systems and Institutional Design
1. A Primer for Decision Makers
2. A Gobal Snapshot
3. Dealing with Divided Societies
4. The Case for Power Sharing
5. The Impact of Federalism

II. Is Proportional Representation Best?
6. Constitutional Choices for New Democracies
7. The Problem with PR
8. PR and Democratic Statecraft
9. Double-Checking the Evidence
10. The Primary of the Particular

III. Country and Regional Experiences
11. Constitutional Engineering in Southern Africa
12. Comment: Elections in Agrarian Societies
13. Rejoinder: The Case for Proportionality
14. Electoral Reform and Stability in Uruguary
15. Devaluing the Vote in Latin America
16. Why Direct Election Failed in Israel
17. The Politics of Reform in Japan and Taiwan
18. The Curious Case of Afghanistan
19. Iraq's Year of Voting Dangerously