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"An important, pioneering work, this book clears many hurdles with one jump, propelling a previously neglected author firmly into her appropriate place in the canon. Backscheider reveals Rowe's importance as an indispensable voice in literary history and models sophisticated interpretive strategies for the future. A vast achievement."

"It seems certain, given Backscheider's impressive track record as a revisionary influence upon eighteenth-century studies, that this generous book, abounding in perceptions waiting to be gleshed out, will energize a round of 'next-generation' research into Rowe and her legacy."

"Both original and provocative, Paula Backscheider's new book is also deeply learned and comprehensive in its scholarship..."

"Paula R. Backsheider's latest book seeks to establish, with impressive detail and energy, the centrality of the fiction of Elizabeth Singer Rowe to the development of the English novel."