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Chapter 1. Introduction / Emerging Illness as Social Process
Part I: Making Illnesses Visible
Chapter 2. The Combined Efforts of Community and Science / American Culture, Patient Activism, and the Multiple Sclerosis Movement in the United States
Chapter 3. Competing Medical Cultures, Patient Support Groups, and the Construction of Tourette Syndrome
Chapter 4. Democracy, Expertise, and Activism for AIDS Treatment
Chapter 5. Communities of Suffering and the Internet
Chapter 6. Illness Movements and the Medical Classification of Pain and Fatigue
Chapter 7. The Newtown Florist Club and the Quest for Environmental Justice in Gainesville, Georgia
Chapter 8. Occupational Health from Below / The Women Office Workers' Movement and the Hazardous Office
Part II: Institutional Responses to Emerging Illnesses
Chapter 9. "Always with Us" / Childhood Lead Poisoning as an Emerging Illness
Chapter 10. The Cultural Politics of Institutional Responses to Resurgent Tuberculosis Epidemics / New York City and Lima, Peru
Chapter 11. Institutional Responses to the Emergence of Lyme Disease and Its Companion Infections in North America / A Public Health Perspective
Chapter 12. The Politics of Institutional Responses / CDC and the Controversy over Maternal and Newborn HIV Testing
Chapter 13. Emerging Infections and the CDC Response
Chapter 14. Hepatitis C and the News Media / Lessons from AIDS
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Emerging Illnesses and Society
Negotiating the Public Health Agenda
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