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PART I: Reconstituting the Empire
Chapter 1 Fears of War, Fantasies of Peace: British Politics and the Coming of the American Revolution
Chapter 2 The First Union: Nationalism versus Internationalism in the American Revolution
Chapter 3 War and State Formation in Revolutionary America
Chapter 4 John Adams, Republican Monarchist: An Inquiry into the Origins of His Constitutional Thought
Chapter 5 Revising Custom, Embracing Choice: Early American Legal Scholars and the Republicanization of the Common Law

PART II: Society, Politics, and Culture in the New Nation
Chapter 6 The Ratification Paradox in the Great Valley of the Appalachians
Chapter 7 Similarities and Continuities: Free Society in the Tobacco South before and after the American Revolution
Chapter 8 The Irish Immigrant and the Broadening of the Polity in Philadelphia, 1790-1800
Chapter 9 Dionysian Rhetoric and Apollonian Solutions: The Politics of Union and Disunion in the Age of Federalism
Chapter 10 Civil Society in Post-Revolutionary America
Chapter 11 Religion, Moderation, and Regime-Building in Post-Revolutionary America

PART III: The American Revolution and the Atlantic World
Chapter 12 The American Loyalist Diaspora and the Reconfiguration of the British Atlantic World
Chapter 13 Early Slave Narratives and the Culture of the Atlantic Market
Chapter 14 The British Caribbean in the Age of Revolution
Chapter 15 Freedom, Migration, and the American Revolution

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