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"Presumably one of the last publications we shall receive that will be able to acknowledge the personal influence of Paul de Man's teaching... Exciting and tenacious."

"Her aim is nothing less than to rethink the place of experience in the texts which constitute our transcendental and Romantic self-understanding. Caruth's reexamination of the enigma of experience proceeds through painstakingly close readings of some major texts of our modernity."

"A very thoughtful and valuable contribution to understanding empiricism's critical resistance to its own theory."

"Caruth's absorbing book is powerful enough to challenge and engage one's own predispositions, and to continue very lively debates."

"Reanimates this region of the critical terrain... Caruth's book belongs to that special category of works in literary theory that are not only intellectually stimulating but affectively moving."

"Its reminder of a critical style now apparently sidelined by various modes of historicist inquiry could not be timelier."

Empirical Truths and Critical Fictions
Locke, Wordsworth, Kant, Freud
Publication Date: 24 Aug 2009
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Page Count: 182 pages
ISBN: 9780801892691