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"In The Empowered University, [Hrabowski] describes a theory of shared leadership within a campus culture that is proudly aspirational, driven by clear mission and values: people first; shared governance; innovation and risk taking; and 'inclusive excellence,' the improvement of academic success for all students."

"In fifty years, people will still be talking about Freeman Hrabowski's influence on American higher education. Under his leadership, UMBC has proven the possibilities when it comes to expanding opportunity, promoting inclusion, empowering students, and using the resources of the university to improve society. The Empowered University tells that inspiring story and is a must-read for all who believe in the power of education."

"Freeman and his team are for real. I have been on campus, talked to students, and studied the numbers. As Freeman says, 'change is hard as hell,' and this is the story of transforming UMBC to high student success and impacting research. It is a practical and interesting drama."

"Freeman Hrabowski writes with the precision of a mathematician, which he is, the nuance of a poet, and the clarity of a fine journalist. He and coauthors Philip Rous and Peter Henderson skillfully weave hard-learned lessons from UMBC into a thoughtful blueprint for building and maintaining a healthy, thriving campus community."

"In The Empowered University, Hrabowski shows with a powerful beam of light the potential of a public university to contribute to a prosperous American future and outlines how it can be replicated across our complex and diverse nation. Brilliantly written, this work shows how truly democratic universities harness the inherent intellect, drive, and grit of their people to attain greatness."

"Freeman Hrabowski is a national treasure, an embodiment of why and how great leadership matters. The Empowered University is a parable about humility, honesty, community, and shared commitment to America's highest aspirations. Eloquent and multi-layered, this book is passionate and analytical. It is a must read and will be an instant classic."

"Through two decades of leadership, Freeman Hrabowski has transformed UMBC into a national model, tangible proof that academic excellence and social inclusiveness are not either-or propositions. In this inspiring book, he and his colleagues share the lessons of their success. This book reaffirms the highest aspirations for schools and their students and faces tough challenges with a hands-on, can-do spirit."

"In this important and inspiring book, Freeman Hrabowski tells the story of the wonder that is UMBC—how it has succeeded in its aspiration to be inclusive, excellent, and innovative, and how it has come to represent the highest values of higher education. It is a story with lessons for all of us who care about universities and the role they can play in creating better lives and a better world."

"The Empowered University is a timely volume that argues for the importance of creating a culture of shared leadership at our universities in order to cultivate innovation, access, and excellence. Deeply informed by Dr. Freeman Hrabowski's defining 28-year tenure as president of UMBC, the book is replete with practical wisdom for how universities can transform their cultures to educate the next generation of diverse and excellent citizens who will shape our future. This is a complex and challenging task, and success, as Dr. Hrabowski likes to say, is never final. But The Empowered University and Dr. Hrabowski's exemplary leadership provide a pathway toward that success."

"An engaging and provocative book. The Empowered University tells the story of UMBC and uses that institution's evolution to make broader points about higher education and institutional change. I particularly appreciate the regular reminder that higher education is both a private and a public good. I have learned from and been inspired by reading this book, and I know that many of my colleagues will have the same experience."

"In this engaging book, Freeman Hrabowski details how UMBC—now a household name in basketball—became a leader in science education and an engine of social mobility, especially for minority and underprivileged students, and provides a roadmap for how higher education can help sustain the American dream."

The Empowered University
Shared Leadership, Culture Change, and Academic Success
Publication Date: 12 Nov 2019
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 320 pages
ISBN: 9781421432915