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"This book is concisely written and reads easily,... uniquely covers the social and political contexts of the ESA... [and] provides insight into the controversies surrounding [it]... It provokes thoughtful consideration of the ESA, it logically organizes ESA issues, and it boldy recommends improvements."

"Interesting for anyone concerned about the preservation of species and, more generally, the global environment... a good explanation of the statute, a wonderful and often entertaining description of how we view and rank nonhuman species, and a provocative critique of the very policy analytic framework the authors have employed."

"This book examines many different aspects of the ESA and would be of interst to anyone concerned with the ESA."

"The Endangered Species Act provides plenty of insight, a fresh policy model, and a new perspective on the ESA that shoudl attract and challenge historians, envronmentalists, and policy makers."

"Czech and Krausman are effective and original scholars. The Endangered Species Act: History, Conservation Biology, and Public Policy is both a treatise on policy assessment and an excellent history, assessment, and discussion of the ESA itself. Those interested in natural resources policy and those interested specifically in the ESA will want to read this book."