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Table Of Contents

Part I
Examples, Frequency, and Consequences
1. What Is Medical Reversal?
2. Subjective Outcomes
Why Feeling Better Is Often Misleading
3. Surrogate Outcomes
4. Screening Tests
5. Systems Failure
6. Finding Flawed Therapies on Our Own
7. The Frequency of Medical Reversal
8. The Harms of Medical Reversal
Today's Patients, Tomorrow's Patients, and the Health-Care Field
Part II
9. A Primer on Evidence-Based Medicine
What Is Evidence in Medicine?
10. What Really Made You Better
When Evidence Gets Complicated
Part III
11. Scientific Progress, Revolution, and Medical Reversal
12. Sources of Flawed Data
13. Why Are We So Attracted to Flawed Therapies?
Part IV
14. Medical Education
A Very Good Place to Start
15. Academic Medicine
16. Reforming the System
The Burden of Proof and Nudging Our Way Past Reversal
17. How Not to Become a Victim of Reversal
18. Beyond Dogma
When Randomized Trials Are Unnecessary