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Table Of Contents

Foreword by James R. Schlesinger
Foreword by Richard G. Lugar
Foreword by Jane Harman
Part I: The Global Framework
Chapter 1. The Global Energy Outlook
Chapter 2. Energy Security Markets
Chapter 3. The Gas Promise
Chapter 4. Valuing Safety Even When the Market Doesn't Notice
Chapter 5. OPEC: can the Cartel Survive Another 50 Years?
Chapter 6. Energy Sector Governance in the 21st Century
Commentary on Part I
Part II: Europe, Eurasia, and the Arctic
Chapter 7. European Gas Supply Security: Unfinished Business
Chapter 8. Russia and Eurasia
Chapter 9. The Arctic: Promise or Peril?
Commentary on Part II
Part III: The Middle East and Africa
Chapter 10. Iraq, Iran, and the Gulf Region
Chapter 11. North Africa and the Mediterranean
Chapter 12. Sub-Saharan Africa
Commentary on Part III
Part IV: The Pacific Rim
Chapter 13. China, India, and Asian Energy
Chapter 14. Japan, Southeast Asia, and Australia
Commentary on Part IV
Part V: The Western Hemisphere
Chapter 15. North America
Chapter 16. Latin America
Commentary on Part V
Part VI: Toward a New Energy Security Strategy
Chapter 17. Technology Development and Energy Security
Chapter 18. Electricity Access in Emerging Markets
Chapter 19. Governance, Transparency, and Sustainable Development
Chapter 20. Managing Strategic Reserves
Chapter 21. Energy, Environment, and Climate: Framework and Tradeoffs
Chapter 22. National Security, Energy, Climate Change: New Paradigm; New Strategy; New Governance
Chapter 23. The Challenge of Politics
Commentary on Part VI
Conclusion. Energy, Security and Foreign Policy
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