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Introduction: Imre Szeman and Dominic Boyer, "On the Energy Humanities"

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Amy De'Ath, "Institutional Critique"

Part I Energy and Modernity: Histories and Futures
Section Intro
1. Dipesh Chakrabarty, "The Climate of History: Four Theses"
2. Imre Szeman, "System Failure: Oil, Futurity, and the Anticipation of Disaster"
3. David Nye, "The Great White Way"
4. Pablo Neruda, "Standard Oil Co."
5. Italo Calvino, "The Petrol Pump"
6. Stephen Collis, "Reading Wordsworth in the Tar Sands"
7. Hermann Scheer, "The Visible Hand of the Sun."
8. Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway, "The Frenzy of Fossil Fuels"
9. Paolo Bacigalupi, excerpt from The Windup Girl
10. Margaret Atwood, "It's Not Climate Change, It's Everything Change"

Part II Energy, Power and Politics
Section Intro
11. Timothy Mitchell, "Carbon Democracy" 
12. Dominic Boyer, "Energopower: An Introduction"
13. Jean-Francois Mouhot, "Past Connections and Present Similarities in Slave Ownership and Fossil Fuel Usage"
14. Michael Watts, "Imperial Oil: The Anatomy of a Nigerian Oil Insurgency"
15. John McGrath, excerpt from The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil
16. Gabrielle Hecht, "Nuclear Ontologies"
17. Gökçe Günel, "A Dark Art: Field Notes on Carbon Capture and Storage Policy Negotiations at COP 17"
18. Sheena Wilson, "Gendering Oil: Tracing Western Petrosexual Relations"
19. Cymene Howe, "Anthropocenic Ecoauthority: The Winds of Oaxaca."
20. Pope Francis, "Global Inequality"
21. Ken Saro-Wiwa, "Night Ride"

Part III Energy in Philosophy: Ethics, Politics, and Being
Section Intro
22. Allan Stoekl, "Bataille's Ethics"
23. Joseph Masco, "Atomic Health, Or How The Bomb Altered American Notions of Death"
24. Laura Watts, "The Draukie's Tale"
25. Timothy Morton, "A Quake in Being"
26. Martin McQuillan, "Notes Toward a Post-Carbon Philosophy"
27. Roy Scranton, "Learning to Die in the Anthropocene"
28. Dale Jamieson, "Ethics for the Anthropocene"
29. Claire Colebrook, "We Have Always Been Post-Anthropocene"
30. Karen Pinkus, excerpt from Fuel
31. Reza Negarastani, excerpt from Cyclonopedia.

Part IV The Aesthetics of Petrocultures
Section Intro
32. Amitav Ghosh. "Petrofiction: The Oil Encounter and the Novel."
33. Patricia Yaeger, "Literature in the Ages of Wood"
34. AbdulRahman Munif, Excerpt from Cities of Salt 
35. Leslie Battler, poems from Endangered Hydrocarbons
36. Julia Kasdorf, poems from Shale Play
37. Stephanie LeMenager, "Petro-Melancholia: The BP Blowout and the Arts of Grief"
38. Jennifer Wenzel, "Petro-Magic-Realism: Toward a Political Ecology of Nigerian Literature."
39. Ursula Biemann and Andrew Pendakis, "This is Not a Pipeline: On the Politico-Aesthetics of Oil"
40. Adam Dickinson, excerpt from The Polymers
41. Warren Cariou, "An Athabasca Story"
42. Barry Lord, "The Culture of Stewardship"
43. Graeme MacDonald, "The Resources of Culture."
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