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"An extraordinary and thoughtfully presented addition to British history shelves, covering an almost universally overlooked topic."

"Full of surprising, colourful detail, The Ephemeral History of Perfume sheds new light on Renaissance bodies, environments, and the relationships between them forged by various kinds of 'stinkinggere'."

"This book is both a useful scholarly reference and a genuinely interesting read."

"The six chapters are like the gilt chambers of a pomander, each bearing a rich fragrance."

"Dugan's book is as subtle and penetrating as the scents with which she structures her cultural, material, and literary history of perfume... The structure of the book is ingenious, sagacious even... It is a rich heady cloud of images and ideas, and will deservedly find a wide readership."

"Scholars of the early modern Europe should read this book."

"[Dugan's] book not only redresses the imbalance of sensory scholarship toward vision and hearing... but also further interrogates the significance of scent as a marker of early modern identity. After reading this book, it is difficult to understand how smell could have been neglected for so long."

"A wonderful piece of work that will engage a wide readership. The subject of scent is central to so many attitudes and opinions in early modern culture, and Dugan does a splendid job of reminding us of its importance to canonical and noncanonical works. I know of nothing quite like this book."