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From Epic to Canon

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From Epic to Canon

History and Literature in Ancient Israel

Winner of the Centennial Book Award from the Tuttleman Family Foundation of Gratz College

In From Epic to Canon, Frank Moore Cross discusses specific issues that illuminate central questions about the Hebrew Bible and those who created and preserved it. He challenges the persistent attempt to read Protestant theological polemic against law into ancient Israel. Cross uncovers the continuities between the institutions of kinship and of covenant, which he describes as "extended kinship." He examines the social structures of ancient Israel and reveals that beneath its later social and cultural accretions, the concept of covenant—as opposed to codified law—was a vital part of Israel's earliest institutions. He then draws parallels between the expression of kinship and covenant among the Israelites and that practiced by other ancient societies, as well as in primitive societies.

From Epic to Canon
History and Literature in Ancient Israel
Publication Date: 21 Nov 2000
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 280 pages
Illustrations: 6 b&w illus.
ISBN: 9780801865336
Subject: Religion