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Table Of Contents

Introduction to the English-Language Edition
1. The Plague Era
From the Plague of the Philistines to Justinian's Plague
The Black Death
The Price of Growth
Decisions to Protect Health
Bad Air—or Planetary Misalignment?
Flagellants and Pogroms
The Danse Macabre and the Apocalypse
2. Modernity: New Concepts of the State and the Body
Economies of Scale
The Care of the Body
A Cure at Any Cost
The Decline of Mortality
From Helvétius to Vicq d'Azyr
Fresh Air and Clean Water
Vaccination and the Elites
Vaccination's Astonishing Success
A Short-lived Success?
3. Cholera: The Return of Epidemic Disease and the Abandonment of Traditional Protective Measures
Contagion or Infection?
The Cholera Epidemic as a Natural Experiment
Health through Isolation
Disease as Population Control
The Mobilization of Political and Technical Resources
Turning Away from Traditional Protective Measures
4. The "English System": New Methods Gain Acceptance
The English Initiative
Cleanliness or Poverty?
The New Quarantine
The New Sanitary Frontier
Social Stigmatization and Health
The War on Syphilis
Blaming the Victims: New Mothers
5. The Sanitary Reform Movement: From Miasma Theory to Departments of Health
Sanitary Reformers
Maternity Wars: Should They Be Closed Down?
The Effects of Better Nurtition
City Health Departments, 1879–1900
The Importance of Municipal Policies
6. Vaccination: A Powerful Paradigm
Smallpox Vaccination: The Difficult Road to Acceptance
Bacteriology and New Vaccines
Pasteur's Laboratory Investigations
Tuberculosis: Feared, Resistant, and Romantic
The Twentieth Century: New Vaccines despite Theoretical Uncertainties
Objections to Vaccination
Organized Political Opposition
7. The Era of Spectacular Victories
Bacteriology's Successes: Sulfamides and Antibiotics
Victory over Tuberculosis
Industrialization and the Expansion of Demand
Government Programs
8. The End of a Dream?
Resistance and Emerging and Re-emerging Infections
The Thunderbolt: AIDS
What about the Rest of the World?

Epidemics Laid Low
A History of What Happened in Rich Countries
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