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"Anyone interested in mammalian nomenclature will want this book."

"The Eponym Dictionary of Mammals is a small treasure trove of information about the people whose names are immortalized in mammalian nomenclature. Given that we mammalogists are prone to ancestor worship, I expect it to be a best-seller."

"This is a great reference for the mammalogy professional or student, or the curious naturalist."

"This is a splendid book which fills a real gap in zoological literature."

"This is a unique resource for the curious."

"Useful and fascinating. The Eponym Dictionary of Mammals is recommended for public libraries and academic libraries, particularly those at schools with biology and veterinary programs."

"This is a fascinating book—highly readable—I didn't want to put it down."

"This comprehensive book is generously peppered with all manner of tantalising, fascinating trivia unlikely to be encountered so readily anywhere else... Scrupulously well-written, researched, and presented. Moreover, its contents guarantee that never again will a mammalian eponym pose a mystery, and will also provide countless hours of entertaining, educational browsing."

"I suspect that there are few people interested in picking up a dictionary for 'fun' reading. The Eponym Dictionary of Mammals should be an exception, however. Although it is intended as a reference for professionals and students of mammalogy, it will also serve as an enjoyable, nontechnical read for all curious naturalists or anyone interested in mammals."

"The reference makes for fascinating reading and is a top pick for any serious college-level collection strong in herpetology references."

"Not a single page was boring to read."

"I think that the authors are to be congratulated for the effort that they have put into these books, and for the apparent scrupulousness with which they have pursued their goals. An immense amount of research has gone into the work, tracking down obscure references and re-checking data from the original sources."