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Table Of Contents

I. Classics
Fables of the Reconstruction: The Four-Hour Greed
Fascinating Rhythms: M
The Color of Paradise: Jour de fête
Backyard Ethics: Hitchcock's Rear Window
Songs in the Key of Everyday Life: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
A Tale of the Wind: Joris Ivens's Last Testament
Kira Muratova's Home Truths: The Asthenic Syndrome
The Importance of Being Sarcastic: Sátántangó
The Ceremony
True Grit: Rosetta
II. Special Problems
Malick's Progress
Improvisations and Interactions in Altmanville, with an Afterword: Nashville
Mixed Emotions: Breaking the Waves
Fast, Cheap & Out of Control
The Sweet Cheat: Time Regained
James Benning's Four Corners
Overrated Solutions: L'humanité
The Sound of German: Straub-Huillet's The Death of Empedocles
Beyond the Clouds: Return to Beauty
Reality and History as the Apotheosis of Southern Sleaze: Phil Karlson's The Phenix City Story
Is Ozu Slow?
The Human Tough: Decalogue and Fargo
III. Other Canons, Other Canonizers
Lfie Intimidates Art: Irma Vep
Stanley Kwan's Actress: Writing History in Quicksand
Critical Distance: Godard's Contempt
Remember Amnesia? (Guy Maddin's Archangel), with an Afterword: Ten Years Later (Please Watch Carefully: The Heart of the World)
Ragged but Right: Rivette's Up Down Fragile
Critic with a Camera: Marker on Tarkovsky
Riddles of a Spinx: From the Journals of Jean Seberg
International Harvest: National Film Histories on Video
International Sampler: Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai
Not the Same Old Song and Dance: The Young Girls of Rochefort
Flaming Creatures and Scotch Tape
Ruiz Hopping and Buried Treasures: Twelve Selected Global Sites
IV. Disputable Contenders
Back in Style: Bertolucci's Besieged
The Young One: Buñuel's Neglected Masterpiece
In Dreams Begin Responsibilities: Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut
The Best of Both Worlds: A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Under the Chador: The Day I Became a Woman
Chains of Ignorance: Charles Burnett's Nightjohn
Good Vibrations: Waking Life
Hell on Wheels: Taxi Driver
Meat, John, Dough: Pretty Woman
Weird and Wonderful: Takeshi Kitano's Kikujiro
Corpus Callosum
V. Filmmakers
Mann of the West
Otto Preminger
Nicholas Ray
Exiles in Modernity: Films by Edward Yang
Hou Hsiao-hsien: Becoming Taiwanese
The Countercultural Histories of Rudy Wurlitzer
Sam Fuller: The Words of an Innocent Warrior
The Mysterious Elaine May: Hiding in Plain Sight
Visionary Agitprop: I Am Cuba
The Battle over Orson Welles
License to Feel: Distant Voices, Still Lives and The Neon Bible
Death and Life: Landscapes of the Soul—The Cinema of AlexanderDovzhenko
Appendix: 1,000 Favorites (A Personal Canon)

Essential Cinema
On the Necessity of Film Canons
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