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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Documents and Higher Education's Heritage
1. Colleges in the Colonial Era
1.1. Town and Gown: Anthony Wood's "Riot at Oxford"
1.2. A College Charter in the Colonial Era: The College of Rhode Island (1764)
1.3. A College's Laws and Code of Conduct (1783)
1.4. Finances of the Colonial Colleges
2. Creating the "American Way" in Higher Education: College Building, 1785 to 1860
2.1. A Charter for a New State University: The University of GeorgiaCharter (1785)
2.2. Founding State Universities: The Great Bicentennial Debate, 1785 to1985
2.3. Philanthropy and Student Financial Aid: The American Education Society (1815)
2.4. Higher Education for Women: Charter for Mount-Holyoke Female Seminary (1836)
2.5. College Presidents and Their Students: Thomas R. Dew's Address before the Students of the College of William and Mary (1836)
3. Diversity and Adversity: Resilience in American Higher Education, 1860 to 1890
3.1. Federal Land Grant Legislation: The Morrill Act of 1862
3.2. Student Memoir: Lyman C. Bagg's Four Years at Yale (1871)
3.3. Federal Land Grant Legislation: The Second Morrill Act of 1890
3.4. Stephen J. Wright on the Historical Background and Future Prospects of Black Colleges and Universities (1987)
3.5. College Admissions and Student Consumerism: "The Oldest and Cheapest College in the South" (1892)
4. Captains of Industry and Erudition: University Builders, 1880 to 1910
4.1. Edwin Slosson on Great American Universities in 1910
4.2. Reforming Medical Education: Abraham Flexner's 1910 Report for the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
4.3. A College Professor's Wife (1905)
4.4. Jesse Brundage Sears's Report on Endowed Universities (1922)
5. Alma Mater: America Goes to College, 1890 to 1920
5.1. Student Memoir: Robert Benchley's "What College Did to Me" (1927)
5.2. The Popular Press and Women's Colleges: Smith College in 1897
5.3. Student Memoir: James Thurber's "University Days" (1933)
5.4. Real Estate Promotion and Colleges: "A College among the Orange Groves" (1920)
5.5. College Sports Reform: Howard J. Savage's 1929 Report for the CarnegieFoundation for the Advancement of Teaching
6. Success and Excess: Expansion and Reforms in Higher Education, 1920 to 1945
6.1. Hollywood and Higher Education: The Marx Brothers Go to College (1932)
6.2. Student Memoir: John Kenneth Galbraith on Graduate School at Berkeley in the 1930s (1968)
6.3. Federal Student Financial Aid: The GI Bill of 1944
6.4. The Federal Government and Sponsored Research: Vannevar Bush's 1945 Report, Science: The Endless Frontier
6.5. Higher Education for American Democracy: The 1947 Truman Commission Report
7. Gilt by Association: Higher Education's "Golden Age," 1945 to 1970
7.1. Coeducation and Student Life: Rules and Regulations for Women in Higher Education in 1955–56
7.2. The 1960 California Master Plan for Postsecondary Education
7.3. Racial Desegregation at State Universities: Commemorative Plaque at the University of Mississippi
7.4. Student Memoir: Jackie Jensen as the "Student-Athlete" following World War II (1970)
7.5. Campus Unrest and Student Protest: Mario Savio's "Put Your Bodies upon the Gears" Speech at Sproul Plaza, University of California, Berkeley (1964)
7.6. Student Memoir: Steven Kelman on Political Activism at Harvard from1966 to 1970 (1982)
8. Coming of Age in America: Higher Education as a Troubled Giant, 1970 to 2000
8.1. The Campus Condition: The 1971 Newman Report on Higher Education
8.2. Federal Student Financial Aid: Basic Educational Opportunity Grants Program (Pell Grants) from the 1972 Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act of 1965
8.3. Missions and Functions of Community Colleges: The 1981 Report of the California Postsecondary Education Commission
8.4. The Changing Profile of College Students in the 1980s
8.5. Student Memoir: Rosa Maria Pegueros, "Todos Vuelven: From Potrero Hill to UCLA" (1995)
8.6. College Sports Reform: The 1991 Knight Commission Report
9. A New Life Begins? Reconfiguring Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century
9.1. College Spending in a Turbulent Decade: Findings from the Delta Cost Project, 2000–2010
9.2. Curriculum and the Culture of a Campus: A Clash between Students and the President at the University of Chicago (1999)
9.3. Faculty Memoir: A Conversation with Professor Laura Nader (2000)
9.4. College Sports Reform: The Problems of Presidents and Rising Expenses in the Knight Commission Report of 2010
9.5. European Expansion of Higher Education: The Bologna Process (1999)
9.6. Higher Education: A New Life Begins